Earrings, Necklace

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Options: Colourful Zircon Earrings
Let the vibrant prisms that make up the Kaleidoscope set embody your individuality with its distinct design. Whether it' s the multicoloured zircon style or the natural pearl option, this striking set effortlessly draws attention to your style. Featuring rotating beads that catch the light, the Kaleidoscope set aims to dazzle with its three-dimensional pendant and warm 18K gold luster - a must-have for your collection that won' t disappoint. The Kaleidoscope is available in two styles: Colourful Zircon or White Pearl.

Material: 18K Gold Plated Copper & Natural Pearl/Zircon 

Size: Pendant: Height: 30mm Width: 27mm Necklace: Length: 50cm